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Children's Retina Institute

The Children’s Retina Institute was founded in 2006 by Dr. Khaled Tawansy to advance clinical management, teaching and research for complicated retinal diseases in Pediatric patients.  Since it’s inception, the Children’s Retina Institute has helped thousands of Children who suffer from complex retina issues, including Retinal Detachment associated with Complex Trauma, ROP, Stickler Syndrome and many other retina diagnosis.

Our Ophthalmology program provides complete, coordinated diagnosis and treatment of pediatric eye disorders. Our team of doctors and medical staff specialize in providing high-level care for young patients in a family-friendly environment.


We use the latest technology to find, identify and treat a wide variety of eye disorders. We offer many medical and surgical treatment options for eye diseases that occur during childhood.


The Children’s Retina Institute works with several local Hospitals to run their Pediatric Ocular Trauma Service.  Additionally, Children’s Retina Institute works in conjunction with the Center for the Partially Sighted to perform functional vision assessments and vision therapy evaluations for children with low vision.

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